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The DC2NY luxury bus provides daily roundtrip express travel from two convenient downtown locations in Washington, DC to New York City`s Penn Station.

Thank you. Our DC2NY launch has exceeded our expectations due to the tremendous support we have had from the very first day from our guests in both the Washington DC and New York communities. We continue to work hard to provide our guests the quality of service you now have come to expect from DC2NY Bus services.

As the fall season begins, we encourage you to make your travel plans early so that we can provide the service you`ve experienced particulary as the holidays are soon to be upon us. We want you to have a seat on our buses. We offer you a cold bottle of water upon boarding, and complimentary wireless internet service.

DC2NY in the press

Go DC To NY In Affordable Luxury
by Kate Paul, NBC4
Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"A new bus line running from Washington, D.C. to New York is offering a classy and affordable trip, something almost unheard of up to this point.For just $22 one way, or $40 round trip riders can go city to city while enjoying the luxuries of wireless Internet, a complimentary beverage, and comfortable reclining seats on a brand-new liner. The company, DC2NY, will officially begin running buses straight from D.C. to New York without any stops in between on July 26. With its two central pick up locations in DC, one in Dupont Circle at the corner of 20th Street and Massachusetts Avenue NW, and the other near McPherson Square at 14th Street and I Street NW, the bus offers convenient pick-up times two to four times a day, seven days a week. Around four to four and a half hours later, depending on traffic, you’ll be dropped off in Manhattan, New York City, adjacent to Penn Station and Madison Square Garden at 215 W 34th St. between Seventh and Eighth Avenue. Along with the perks of Internet and convenient pick-up and drop-off places, DC2NY promises a more upscale traveling experience than offered with other bus lines such as the Chinatown bus. While it costs just a little more than other bus lines it is really trying to sell people on its free Internet connection. And while its Web site says that the connection may not be guaranteed at all times, it may be worth the extra $5 to you. The bus also offers disabled and senior priority seating, and discounts to those who make reservations ahead of time."

New Bus Service to New York Promises 'Luxury'
DCist, The DC news website
Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"There's a new entrant into the crowded East coast cheap bus service market. DC2NY, which launches officially on July 26th, has begun advertising their services by handing out cards and fliers around Chinatown. The new bus line will travel only from D.C. to New York (no stops in Baltimore or Philadelphia), picking up from two stops in D.C. -- one in Dupont Circle and the other at 14th and Eye NW near McPherson Square -- and dropping off outside Penn Station in Manhattan. Apart from the slightly more central pick-up locations, DC2NY is also billing itself as the "Upscale Bus" with promises of new buses with more comfortable seats than you typically get on a Chinatown bus. Paying an additional $5 round-trip (r/t tickets will cost $40 if booked in advance, $50 if bought at the bus stop) for a newer bus might be worth it, but DC2NY is really trying to sell people on this unique feature: Free wireless Internet on the bus. It sounds too good to be true, and the company is offering a disclaimer which might just mean that it is -- "DC2NY passengers will enjoy complimentary internet service while on-board. However, because of connection issues, this service cannot be guaranteed." DC2NY is offering a somewhat limited schedule at the beginning, with only one or two departures per day. Still, for only $5 more, seems worth it to at least give the promise of internet access and buses that don't smell like diapers (for now) a shot. "

The Examiner
Monday, July 23, 2007

"The already crowded field of bus operators providing low-priced service between the District of Columbia and New York City will have a little less elbow room when a new line begins running Thursday. DC2NY is attempting to stand out from the myriad other companies, including Vamoose and Washington Deluxe, by offering a complimentary beverage upon boarding and free wireless Internet access. Round trip fares start at $40 for customers with reservations in advance — or about $5 more than what other companies generally charge. It is also touting direct service to New York, with stops in Dupont Circle and McPherson Square in D.C. and at Pennsylvania Station in New York. It is scheduled to begin service Thursday. Travelers who lined up outside a Starbucks on K Street last week to take the Washington Deluxe to New York had mixed reactions about the new service. What mattered most was the cheap fare all the buses offer, especially considering tolls and rising gas prices. “As long as it’s safe and it gets me there, it’s all right with me,” said McDonald Julian, who lives on Benning Road and travels frequently on the “Chinatown” buses — a moniker taken because several of the original lines were started by Chinese-American families to travel between the DC and New York neighborhoods with the same name. Alexandra Gray, of downtown, said she was taking the bus on the recommendation of a friend despite horror stories of side-of-the-road breakdowns and failed air conditioning. She said Internet access on the new line would be a “great attraction,” worth paying an extra $5 for. DC2NY’s owners could not be identified through its Web site. Florence Bluzenstein, a co-owner of the Vamoose bus that runs between New York, Bethesda and Arlington, said the market for travelers between both cities is so large that she is not worried that DC2NY would affect her business."

New York to New York
The Washington Post:
Sunday, August 05, 2007

Last month another player joined the list of discount bus companies plying the Washington-to-New York route. DC2NY, which bills itself as the "upscale bus," offers on-board wireless Internet and free water and soft drinks. The one-way walk-up fare on Washington Deluxe, Eastern and others is $20; DC2NY charges $5 more. [...] CoGo hopped a ride last week from the 20th Street and Massachusetts Avenue NW departure point to the second pickup spot at 14th and I streets NW. The brand-new bus offered roomy seats throughout and laptop-ready tables in the back . (Seating is first-come, first-served, though employee Asi Ohana said the company would try to honor requests for table seating made at the time of reservation.) For passenger Sarah Posey, who works for a title and escrow company, the company's free WiFi was key "because I'm working; I didn't have to take the day off." A glitch kept folks from logging on immediately, but when CoGo got back to the office, we received five e-mails sent from passengers reporting that the trip had gone well, with the bus pulling into New York near Penn Station about 4 1/2 hours after departur e. American University student Eric Tomlinson reported that there was no on-bus movie (the company's policy is to ask whether the majority wants to watch a movie or make a pit stop), but "luckily I have my laptop and wireless Internet to access my Netflix."


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